Tasks Page: Hard to read / Hard to use

  • task list: constantly flipping blue bar / hard to read


    • Regarding the task in the left menu. I have a pool of ~12 smaller Servers.
    • The number next to the Tasks Menu-Item is constantly changing between 1-4.
    • When I click on it, I see regular appearances of tasks like: "myserver-1.mydomain.tld SR.scan" which appear and disappear in short intervals.
    • The thick blue bar(with label "previous tasks") dances up and down on my screen quickly.
    • The width of the columns change constantly supposedly in adapting to the servername length, so there's even more motion on this page.
    • There is a message/task Connection to VM console (on de-f1-xs03....) 0% which I can not delete(A hover icon states that this message/task can not cancelled).

    User Experience:

    • I can hardly inspect a task which is in my focus to get details about, because the different lines are moving up and down quickly
    • It's hard for me to get the information when so much motion is on the page
    • I do not understand why I can not delete the task "Connection to VM console..." and how I get rid of it.
    • It's annoying to have a constantly visible and changing number of tasks in the menu, when there in fact is absolutely no user task running(Storage Repository scans are completely irrelevant for me).

    Thoughts about possible improvements:

    • place the label/button "previous tasks" above the head of the tasks, so the very visible bar stops moving
    • use fixed column length, so this source for this type of motion is eliminated
    • Add an explanation via hover, why a task can not be cancelled
    • Hide Storage Repository Scans, as these are continuous system jobs and not user jobs.(An administrator may want be informed about errors for those jobs, but I see no sense in seeing those jobs running)

  • XCP-ng Team

    This will be fully redesigned for XO 6 🙂

    Ping @pdonias about this feedback

  • @fx991 the SR scans can and have been helpful in detecting storage issues for me. Sometimes when my ISO library goes offline but XCP-ng has not detected the failure and still shows it as connected I usually notice it from the long running SR scans that get stuck.

    The "Connection to VM console..." task is when you have a console window open to a VM or Host...hence the reason why you can't cancel/end it...if you want to get rid of it then close all open console windows

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