How to save Statistic from XOA when rebooting the XCP-NG Nodes?

  • Hi there!

    I've this Problem wanna find an solution to save the statistics from XOA over the time for rebooting the XCP-NG Nodes.

    Is it possible to store the statistics 'for the time after rebooting the Nodes'?

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    Why are you opening a new topic?

  • Sorry, I thought it's better to ask this in an new Topic. Could you merge it to the old one or should I ask my question again in the old one and close this topic?

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    I already answered:

    • on reboot, RRDs are preserved
    • not on version upgrade

    Your issue is unclear.

  • Okay, we've done the Upgrade on every of our XCP-NG Nodes via 'yum update'. So we haven't done it via the ISO and I understood yours statement in the other topic, that the statistics should be on the XCP-NG Nodes anymore.

    But is there also an possibility to get the statistics in XOA and to store it for the time 'after the reboot'?

    Background is that our customer would like to have this in the XOA at the next update of the nodes, because he only has access to the XOA and not to XCP-NG Center.

  • XCP-ng Team

    1. It should be the same result on XCP-ng Center: it uses RRDs files stored on the host.
    2. Why do you continue to talk about the after the reboot? You mean after the upgrade, right? RRDs are preserved after a reboot
    3. If you do a yum update, those stats should be in theory preserved. If it's not the case, try to diagnose why, by comparing behavior between XCP-ng Center and XO. If it's not the same, then it's a client issue. If it's the same, then it means a version upgrade (yum or ISO) won't preserve RRDs.
    4. If you really want long terms stats for "real production" usage on long term, I strongly suggest that you think to store them in a real time series database, like Prometheus or so.

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