SOLVED XO Backup - Auto Start VM?

  • I'm using XOCE and have setup backups for my VM's. I set a Delta backup that included my one Window Machine that gave me an error (insufficient storage space error). I then created a separate backup job solely for the windows machine and used the offline line backup setting. The job works and shuts down the VM and the backup succeeds, but the VM stays off. Is there an Auto start VM feature after the backup job is done? I can't seem to find such a feature.

  • XCP-ng Team

    The VM should be back online just after the snapshot. Are you sure the VM can boot after the snapshot? No error?

  • Sorry, you are right. The first time it didn't start and didn't show an error??
    I just ran the job again with successful backup and it started without issue.

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XCP-ng Pro Support