SOLVED Import VM from exported xva

  • Hi,

    I reinstalled my XCP-ng server. Before that I exported all vm's to a network storage (via powershell script).

    After reinstalling the new server (booting from SSD and created a new virtual disk on my raid controller for local storage replacing the previous 2 virtual disks) I installed the XOA appliance with the quick install option from the server webpage.

    When I choose "Import - VM" I can drag and drop the xva of my choise and start the import.
    After the import is finished I am prsented with the overview of a new VM in XOA.
    When I try to start the VM or for example want to change the network settings, I get an error "no such VM 682c77dd-2448-7447-4a8e-783748408516".

    When I look at Home - VM the VM is also not listed there.
    When I look at home - Storage - MySR - Disks, the disk is listed and showing to be attached to a VM (that does not exist).

    Is this a bug, am I doing something wrong, or are my expectations of having a working VM after importing wrong?

    Workaround I found for now:
    the imported VM is showing up under templates. So I create a new VM based on the template. This VM is working as expected.
    Only issue is I have two disks then (taking twice the storage space?)

  • XCP-ng Team

    Your powershell script is probably incorrectly exporting a VM without flipping the "is a template" to false.

    That's why I suggest to use VM export/backup with XO in the first place (if you can).

    In your case, just do a xe vm-param-set is-a-template=false uuid=<VM UUID> and it will appear as a normal VM.

  • Thank you again! This did the magic trick.

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