Snapshot created and then deleted automaticly

  • Hello,

    I'm experimenting with XCP-ng but got the following problem.
    There is not enough room for snapshots because for some reasons I don't know another orphaned snapshot is created.picture1.PNG

    This get's deleted after a while and then immediatly recreated again. At the moment that this is deleted the free space on the repository is also adjusted. But for a verry brief moment. The size of the green bar decreases and increases again.


    I don't have any backup scheduled at this moment that I can see.

  • On a 1.78 TB storage repository, you don't have nearly enough disk space to be snapshotting a 832 GB disk. You will need to increase the size of your storage repository sufficiently to avoid such issues. While a snapshot should only take twice the amount of space as the disk you are snapshotting, overhead and other activity on the storage repository means you should probably aim for having at least twice the size of the disk you are snapshotting actually FREE on the storage repository. E.g. to snapshot a 1 TB disk, you should have 2 TB of free space on the storage repository.

    Note: I am aware of all the nuances of snapshot trees, etc. - it's just not worth getting into here when the simple recommendation above prevents issues such as these.

  • XCP-ng Team

    This is probably a snapshot created to be able to coalesce by the system (when the VM is up). Try to shutdown the VM, I'm pretty sure it will coalesce without needing another snapshot.

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