to recover access to the virtual disk by Storage Local

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    I have a Hp proliant server, with xenserver installed. I have a disk array of 1.2tb each. I made using the ILO a Raid 50. Then I started to have a disk space of 4.8tb. I created a Storage Local for the virtual disks to be accessed by my VM. Everything was going well, until one day after the power outage I lost access to one of the virtual disks. When I start my VM, the message "VDI IS NOT AVALIABLE" appears. Consulting some tutorials I saw that you could recover the VDI with the files intact using the command VDI.introduce. However, when I run the following error appears: "The SR backend does not support the operation (check the SR's allowed operations)". Can someone help me?

  • XCP-ng Team

    What's the type of your local SR exactly?

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