Great projects have great documentation. Is XCP-ng a great project?

  • Hello to everyone.

    There's a very important way to prove to the world that your software is good: excellence in documentation. A project without good documentation is not appealing and looks un-professional.

    I mentioned it here or there, but never made a proper announcement, so here it is: we are now using the wiki on our github project to store documentation:

    Now, as you can see, it's missing a lot of useful information. Every red link leads to a non-existent page that should exist, and I probably forgot to add many of them. Thankfully, our community comprises many experienced users of XS and XCP-ng, so we should be able to fill the gap.

    I'm myself totally unable of writing documentation about storage or networking. My field of expertise is packaging, updates, releases, patching, writing some code. So I only write about what I know. But I'm sure you're not thinking that I will write the documentation alone.

    So this is the official start of the "let's improve the documentation together" campaign. Any github user has write access to that wiki (it's versioned so we can revert changes from trolls if needed).

    Don't ask for permission before adding or modifying something to the documentation. Just do it, and others will review it.

    Even the structure of the home page can be modified. I made one to help us start and see where contributions are needed, but it's just a way to help us start.

    Who's in? If you were looking for a way to get involved in XCP-ng but did not know how, here's your chance!

  • Completely agree with you 👍

  • Could someone write the different ways that exist today to get the windows PV tools on XCP-ng 7.5, there: ?

    XOA + windows update (requires locale to be english), use of XenServer's tools ISO, ...

  • @stormi You can attach the ISO from XenServer 7.x to your VM (which you'll obviously have to obtain from either the Citrix site or from a XenServer 7.x install), and then install them from there. Once they're installed, Windows Update should update them accordingly from XOA.

  • @jtbw911 I don't want the answers for myself, but for all those who have no clue how to use them, hence I'm asking for a volunteer to improve the wiki page directly 🙂