+1 for avoiding 3rd party install scripts, the official install doc is like, 10 commands? I think it takes maybe 10 minutes or less the last time I did it on a fresh debian system, and you know it's always the correct instructions (which is NOT the case with 3rd party scripts, as you'll see in this forum when even the slightest architectural change is made to the XO sources). You also get to learn at least a little bit about the architecture of what you're installing and running instead of pressing go on a script you grabbed from some guy's github and hoping the XO web interface appears. I thought the whole point of "homelab" (for which sources are intended and primarily used) was learning and developing skills in the first place?

No disrespect intended to the people that create and maintain said scripts, it just seems to me like it bypasses the point of sources a little bit 🙂