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  • Hello XO from sources only works with node 8?

  • Admin

    This is written in bold in our official documentation: https://xen-orchestra.com/docs/from_the_sources.html#packages-and-pre-requisites

    I strongly suggest that you take a look over there before doing anything with XO 😉

  • @olivierlambert i see that in came here ask 😉 as a clean ubuntu install when i'm check it have node 12.

    Thanks again

  • Admin

    We are working to support more recent versions of Node, but this is not always trivial. We tend to have our official doc up to date, so when it will be compatible with a more recent version of Node, our doc will reflect that.

    So trust the doc 😉

  • we prefer to build with debian, which should not come prepackaged with a node release. Then, you can use the simple nodesource repo to install node 8: (follow the node v8.x section): https://github.com/nodesource/distributions/blob/master/README.md#installation-instructions

  • @fohdeesha ok i will check it, normally i use ubuntu because the https://github.com/Jarli01/xenorchestra_updater

  • Is this commom error?

    Set 30 18:33:03 XenOrchestra xo-server[11094]: 2019-09-30T17:33:03.766Z xo:xo-server ERROR uncaught exception {
    Set 30 18:33:03 XenOrchestra xo-server[11094]:   error: ReferenceError: primordials is not defined

  • Admin

    This is a 3rd party script, if you want to discuss what the script does, discuss with the author 🙂

    About the error, never heard of this before, sounds like a Node version related error but I'm not 100% sure.

  • @codedmind Please check your node version using node -v to ensure that you are on v8.x.

    P.S. I don't believe this error has anything to do with using a 3rd party script. 🙄

  • Admin

    If the user followed our official doc and not blindly following a script, with our warning on Node version, the issue wouldn't appear in the first place 😉

    Also I wasn't telling that the error was directly due to the script, I just answered the sentence: "I use ubuntu because of the script", and that discussion related to the script might be done on the 3rd party script repo, no here. Don't take things personally.

  • @Danp and @olivierlambert the issue was... after made and upgrade with xo-update i get that error.

    I try and install from source to debug the issue, when following the docs i see the node warning, came here to check if that is the case since the stable is 12.

    When i put the error here, is bad paste from me side as the error is still about the xo using the script and not from sources.

    Bottom line, xo works with node 8, as well the script after every node/packages etc removed the script works again. So the issues was some update that update node to version 12 and then break the script for some reason.

    Thanks again

  • +1 for avoiding 3rd party install scripts, the official install doc is like, 10 commands? I think it takes maybe 10 minutes or less the last time I did it on a fresh debian system, and you know it's always the correct instructions (which is NOT the case with 3rd party scripts, as you'll see in this forum when even the slightest architectural change is made to the XO sources). You also get to learn at least a little bit about the architecture of what you're installing and running instead of pressing go on a script you grabbed from some guy's github and hoping the XO web interface appears. I thought the whole point of "homelab" (for which sources are intended and primarily used) was learning and developing skills in the first place?

    No disrespect intended to the people that create and maintain said scripts, it just seems to me like it bypasses the point of sources a little bit 🙂

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