@dreday said in Cannot see virtual Machine consoles...:

@FPIT I would say to further troubleshoot the limited connectivity issues first...

A few things that jump to mind right away

Does the host have a network gateway address set for the management interface? Are there any firewalls or switch port ACLs blocking traffic?

This one is the least likely culprit
3) Is you host management configured to use DHCP?(based on the blank console, though it would not explain the connectivity issues unless DHCP is not providing all necessary information for the network)

Option number 3 worked for me. I had initially configured my management console (with public IP) to use DHCP and the other port (with local IP) to use static. When I did reset all connections to use DHCP the consoles came up. Thank you thank you thank you! @DreDay and of course thanks @FPIT for raising the issue. #one ✊