XOA can't start after installation and contradictory messages

  • Hi.
    While installing XOA the official way:

    [host:~]# bash -c "$(curl -s http://xoa.io/deploy)"
    Welcome to the XOA auto-deploy script!
    Network settings:
    IP address? [dhcp]
    Netmask? []
    dns? [] NS.ip.address.here
    Importing XOA VMâŚ
    Booting XOA VMâŚ
    There are no suitable hosts to start this VM on.
    The following table provides per-host reasons for why the VM could not be started:
    host    : Cannot start here [Host cannot attach to network: 77097537-8e7b-f375-abd6-d638ac42abcc (Pool-wide network associated with eth0)]
    There were no hosts available to complete the specified operation.
    Waiting for your XOA to be readyâŚ
    Your XOA is ready on
    Default UI credentials: admin@admin.net/admin
    Default console credentials: xoa/xoa
    VM UUID: e58ce2ec-4fe4-5a9f-70b1-f6a5ca204946

    So, cannot start or is ready on ? 😉

    No, it's not ready. It's shut and the Networking tab in XCP-ng-Center shows:

    "Network 0".

    Maybe the reason is that the address which I'm trying to give to XOA is from one of the VLANs, but the installer tries to use a "Network 0" (which doesn't exist at all, as the NIC is Bond0+1). But why does it configure It doesn't exist here. BTW, at a previous XOA installation the issue was the same, but the (bad) address was Some tip here maybe.

    Then I manually start the VM, login at the console and set the correct IP address, but for less experienced users these contradictory messages can be misleading.

    HTH 🙂

  • Admin

    1. This is an edge case when you can't boot XOA because XAPI tries to find a match to "network 0" of the template (the xva file). Usually, 99% of users have a network 0. That's why you are the first to report this problem. In short, a non-handled error case.
    2. The "old" IP you can see is the one before changing, the one XOA had before being transformed into a template.

    The thing is: this is how XVA files are working, and there's no pre-deploy option to select a network for a XVA.

  • @olivierlambert I see, thanks.

    Anyway, maybe the installation script could check whether the XOA really started and not misleadingly inform Your XOA is ready on 🙂

  • Admin

    As I said, it's an edge case we didn't think before. So, obviously, we'll improve this (but first we need to reproduce the issue). Can you print the output of xe network-list on this host? I'm trying to understand why you don't have a network 0.

  • @olivierlambert


    # xe network-list
    uuid ( RO)                : 64aeff7a-42ed-e455-fcc0-1f6b259046cb
              name-label ( RW): VLAN4
        name-description ( RW): VLAN4
                  bridge ( RO): xapi3
    uuid ( RO)                : 19d85500-c600-7476-13d4-6cb45b068186
              name-label ( RW): Bond 0+1
        name-description ( RW):
                  bridge ( RO): xapi2
    uuid ( RO)                : f9718515-8820-96d3-0ab9-1195d1c27def
              name-label ( RW): VLAN21
        name-description ( RW): VLAN21
                  bridge ( RO): xapi6
    uuid ( RO)                : adfcd92c-c127-8058-6f0e-fd0258383738
              name-label ( RW): Host internal management network
        name-description ( RW): Network on which guests will be assigned a private link-local IP address which can be used to talk XenAPI
                  bridge ( RO): xenapi
    uuid ( RO)                : 7c168d4b-6e5e-b2fa-249a-167792c9c641
              name-label ( RW): VLAN7
        name-description ( RW): VLAN7
                  bridge ( RO): xapi4
    uuid ( RO)                : c2fe838d-b71c-7520-8fc4-5998656c2a83
              name-label ( RW): VLAN20
        name-description ( RW): VLAN20
                  bridge ( RO): xapi1
    uuid ( RO)                : 77097537-8e7b-f375-abd6-d638ac42abcc
              name-label ( RW): Pool-wide network associated with eth0
        name-description ( RW):
                  bridge ( RO): xenbr0
    uuid ( RO)                : 7ea15b78-ff08-1285-f6d4-922fa35a22ca
              name-label ( RW): VLAN8
        name-description ( RW): VLAN8
                  bridge ( RO): xapi5
    uuid ( RO)                : 6c8acc25-f1f8-8d8f-c5c3-ee4c519d9825
              name-label ( RW): Pool-wide network associated with eth1
        name-description ( RW):
                  bridge ( RO): xenbr1
    uuid ( RO)                : 591ab537-8a76-1526-82ca-97908b86c444
              name-label ( RW): VLAN3
        name-description ( RW): VLAN3
                  bridge ( RO): xapi0

  • Admin

    Thanks, we'll try to see if we could detect this case for an update on deploy script 🙂

  • @olivierlambert You're welcome.

    As a start, to prevent false positive message that the XOA VM is ready at some IP address, the script could check the power-state in the result of

    # xe vm-list name-label=XOA
    uuid ( RO)           : e58ce2ec-4fe4-5a9f-70b1-f6a5ca204946
         name-label ( RW): XOA
        power-state ( RO): running

    (whether running or not).

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