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  • Hello all,
    Hoping for a bit of help on migrating my XOCE. I've been using XOCE on a small Windows PC running Oracle Virtual Machine. I'm now in the process of transitioning this to bare-metal. I will be doing a new installation of XOCE, what would be the best way to retain my backups jobs and such?

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    XOCE, you mean XO installed from the sources? Or using a 3rd party script?

    Regarding your question, you can use metadata backup, then select XO config backup. So you can restore it from there.

  • I think the simplest way to just do this once is to go to Settings > Config, there you can export the backup. Once you create your new instance of XOCE, you can import the backup using the same page, then just logout of the default user, and you can login using your old credentials. Make sure to delete the admin@admin.net account after.

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