XOA Full Backups consumes to much SR space.

  • Hello!

    I would like to request of feature (or just point me to dome setting in XOA) for Full backup mode on BackupNG.
    At this moment XOA create a snapshot of all VMs designated for backup as soon as possible at the beginning of the backup.
    It it good for semi-consistent backups of multiple VMs but for the cost of SR space on thick-provisioned SR like LVM or LVMoHBA.
    If I want to make a full backup of entire host I have to keep at least one half of every my thick-provisoned SR free. It is ridiculous.

    So I'm using home-brewed scripts which creating a snapshots prior to export and delete them as soon as export finished or failed. This way I keep minimal amount of free space and have full backup, however snapshots timestamp are different.

    Would you please add an option to create snapshot right before vm-export and delete them as soon as export finished?

    Thank you.

  • XCP-ng Team

    I think this is already possible in XO, using concurrency to 1. I'm not entirely sure, @julien-f ?

    edit: also it's time to use a file based SR to get rid of these problems 😉

  • XO Team

    @olivierlambert Yep, that should be working.

  • Just found this.
    Please, move to "XOA" forum from "Request".
    Thank you.

  • XCP-ng Team

    @BogdanRudas so is your issue fixed by using concurrency to 1?

  • Yes, setting concurrency to 1 helps me. Will try to run concurrency >1 on th pool and see how it works.
    When concurrency > 1 it would be nice to split backups per-host (in case of pool) or per-SR (in case of multiple SRs)

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