Automating VM creation via Terraform

  • I'm starting to use Terraform to provision new vms and followed the configuration from the xenorchestra provider for Terraform:
    but running into following issue:

    Error: websocket: bad handshake
      on line 7, in data "xenorchestra_template" "template":
       7: data "xenorchestra_template" "template" {

    Is there anything I need to enable on XenOrchestra so the websocket connection works?

  • XCP-ng Team

    We'll take a look after our monthly release! ping @julien-f

  • XO Team

    @eperez539 Hi, the WebSocket API of Xen Orchestrea, is always enabled, please check the URL and, if it still does not work, ask help on Terraform 🙂

  • @julien-f Yes, I had the xcp-ng host ip instead of XO ip. After changing that, getting different error now:

    Error: jsonrpc2: code -32000 message: unknown error from the peer
      on line 53, in resource "xenorchestra_vm" "base":
      53: resource "xenorchestra_vm" "base" {

    Here is what my tf file looks like:

    provider "xenorchestra" {
      url = "ws://XO_IP_HERE"
      username = "USERNAME"
      password = "PASSWORD"
    data "xenorchestra_template" "template" {
      name_label = "Ubuntu Bionic Beaver 18.04"
    data "xenorchestra_pif" "pif" {
      device = "eth0"
      vlan = -1
    resource "xenorchestra_cloud_config" "base" {
      name = "cloudconfig"
      template = <<EOF
    tiemzone: America/New_York
    hostname: terraformtest
    package_update: true
    package_upgrade: true
      - name: test
        gecos: Test User
        groups: sudo
        passwd: test
        sudo: ['ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL']
      version: 2
          dhcp4: no
          addresses: []
             addresses: []
     - [ ls, -l, / ]
     - [ sh, -xc, "echo $(date) ': hello world!'" ]
     - [ sh, -c, echo "=========hello world'=========" ]
     - ls -l /root
    resource "xenorchestra_vm" "base" {
        memory_max = 1073733632
        cpus  = 2
        cloud_config = "${xenorchestra_cloud_config.base.template}"
        name_label = "TerraformVM"
        name_description = "Created by Terraform Script"
        template = "${}"
        network {
    	    network_id = "${}"
        disk {
          sr_id = "388ccc18-9b21-22cc-dfa9-db4c8c3a4959"
          name_label = "Terraform_disk_imavo"
          size = 32212254720

    Do you happen to see what I'm doing wrong here? Thanks

  • XO Team

    I'm not familiar with Terraform, but I can tell you that you can get more info about an unknown error from the peer error in XO on the Settings > Logs page.

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