Restoring VMs from a new instance XO?

  • I'm running XO from sources on Deb 9 and I want to move to Deb 10. So I spun up a new VM with Deb 10 and installed XO from sources onto it. I then added my host to that XO instance and all appears to be well. All my VMs are showing up as is all the storage so that all looks good.

    But if I go to Backup -> Overview in the new XO instance I'm not seeing any of my backup jobs listed nor any of my backup log files. Furthermore, the Health tab on the new XO instance is showing I have snapshots for non-existent backups. I'm assuming because the new XO instance doesn't know the old XO instance has backups.

    So how does one get the new XO to get these backups? Do I need to shut down the old XO instance first?

    Edit: Ah wait. I may have my NFS backup server limited to a specific IP. Checking now...
    Edit2 : No, its open to all machines on the network and XO (new instance) is saying the NFS share (where my backups are located) is connected.

  • Ok, so I forgot to add the share in "remotes". That has always confused me since its hidden away in a submenu and not in the backup menu area.

  • XCP-ng Team

    Yes, you need to connect to the remote. You could also have exported the configuration and imported it into the new XOA without any further thing to do 🙂

  • @olivierlambert Ahh I should have tried that!!

  • Don't forget to disable the backups in the old VM if you don't turn it off.

  • @Danp Yup I turned off the old XO and ran/created new backup jobs on the new XO.

    Was pretty easy once I remembered about the "remote". I did have the new instance complaining about snapshots without backups. So I ended up removing all the backups, deleting the snapshots and then backing up again with the new XO. Probably not the most elegant way to do it on my part.

  • @Biggen Yeah... definitely easier to backup / restore the config file. 😉

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