• Hello, I'm complete new in XEN. I use VMWARE, but want to try something new. So I decide to make lab and install on DELL R630 XCP NG, update it to last 8.2 and have to install XOA, because XCP NG center doesnt exist for 8.2 . What I want, is to switch trial XOA license to Free, to see what can I do with free version. Is there any way how to do before 14 days limit? Need it ASAP.

    In our corporate it takes months to approve something payed. So I need free, and if I decide to use it, then I start neverending proccess to approve supplier of something 🙂

    Till now I see only one issue - on VM with W server 2016 cant start Xen tools..On linux VMs seems everything OK, I like the product.

  • @george5888 You can build XO from sources and have access to everything: https://xen-orchestra.com/docs/from_the_sources.html

  • XCP-ng Team

    Hi @George5888

    We can extend the trial, by email on sales at vates dot fr, or in private message. If you want to test the limits of XOA Free, just register with another account without trial and that's it 🙂

    @Biggen if he's already using XOA and want to discover the product, I strongly advise against going from the sources, there's so many ways you can have issues related to the environment. XOA is a perfect way to discover Xen Orchestra without any hassle. We can extend the trial few times, then after that, people can decide what to do. Also, in corporate environment, XOA is really recommended (home lab usage is different).

  • @olivierlambert OK, will try to make another account. I have one more question -I test many approaches, but still no way how to run management agent on W2016 server. First I try XCP-NG drivers - No XEN tools detected. Then I make complete new VM and try Citrix tools. But there after installation and restar it writes: Windows management agent requires boot. Still on every boot and then it writes that cant be installed. What I missed? My collegues use lot of W servers, so it is important for us. Thx.

    @Biggen thanks for tip, maybe will test in home lab 🙂

  • XCP-ng Team

    Have you checked our guide to install Windows drivers? Check https://xcp-ng.org/docs/guests.html#windows

    If you still have issues, with your current XOA account in trial, you can open support tickets already so we can take a look remotely (https://support.vates.fr)

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