XCP-ng and Vinchin partnership

News Jun 2, 2020

A growing ecosystem for XCP-ng hypervisor

After UDS Enterprise, a virtual desktop solution and Storware Vprotect, a backup solution for VMs, we are proud to announce that a new partner is joining the XCP-ng ecosystem as a validated and tested solution: Vinchin Backup & Recovery.

If you are developing a solution compatible with XCP-ng hypervisor and that you want to join our official partners ecosystem, send us an email to start the discussion!

Vinchin backup & Recovery for XCP-ng

Vinchin, a high-performances backup solution, is a new XCP-ng partner with a fully compatible solution with XCP-ng hypervisor.

Vinchin Backup & Recovery can restore TB sized VMs to isolated Data Verification Area in 15 secs to quick-verify the availability of backed up data.

How to start with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

Learn more about Vinchin Backup & Recovery on their website. You can also use their  knowledge base and help center to get some assistance for your infrastructure. You can also find Vinchin in our documentation.


Marc Pezin

Marketing manager at Vates since 2017, working on the communication and business development on Xen Orchestra and XCP-ng virtualization platform. I'm also a tech enthusiast and a fan of photography.

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