A growing ecosystem for XCP-ng hypervisor

After UDS Enterprise, a virtual desktop solution and Storware Vprotect, a backup solution for VMs, we are proud to announce that a new partner is joining the XCP-ng ecosystem as a validated and tested solution: Vinchin Backup & Recovery.

If you are developing a solution compatible with XCP-ng hypervisor and that you want to join our official partners ecosystem, send us an email to start the discussion!

Vinchin backup & Recovery for XCP-ng

Vinchin, a high-performances backup solution, is a new XCP-ng partner with a fully compatible solution with XCP-ng hypervisor.

Vinchin Backup & Recovery can restore TB sized VMs to isolated Data Verification Area in 15 secs to quick-verify the availability of backed up data.

How to start with Vinchin Backup & Recovery

Learn more about Vinchin Backup & Recovery on their website. You can also use their  knowledge base and help center to get some assistance for your infrastructure. You can also find Vinchin in our documentation.