# Backup

It's really important to backup your VMs. You have multiple options, but only Xen Orchestra is both advanced, agentless, fully Open Source and officially supported (tested for all XCP-ng releases).

# Xen Orchestra

A lot of different backup options are supported via Xen Orcherstra:

  • Automated Snapshots
  • Backup
  • Forever incremental backups (delta)
  • DR (backup to another XCP-ng storage repository)
  • CR (delta backup to another XCP-ng storage repository)
  • Metadata backup
  • File level restore

All options are explained in the official documentation (opens new window). Xen Orchestra is available as a turnkey virtual appliance (opens new window), called XOA which you can deploy in a minute (opens new window).

Alternatively, you can install and build it yourself from the GitHub repository (opens new window).

You can also find a video describing various backup options here:

# Other solutions

There's other solutions officially compatible with XCP-ng to make VM backups. Please check our ecosystem page on the backup section!