# XCP-ng Ecosystem

When we started developing XCP-ng as an alternative to Citrix XenServer, we were committed to creating a true and complete open source virtualization platform that companies can use in their production environment. This also means we were committed to creating a rich ecosystem to go along with it.

# Desktop virtualization

# UDS Enterprise

UDS Enterprise is a top performance multiplatform connection broker to deploy and administer Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications. It automatically manages its full life cycle in a safe, quick and simple way. Here are some of the biggest advantages:

  • VDI: Windows & Linux virtual desktop management and deployment
  • Windows & Linux application virtualization
  • Automatic resource lifecycle management
  • Very easy installation, administration and usability
  • Multiple hypervisors, authenticators and connection protocols running simultaneously
  • Open Source core: platform customization
  • Unlimited flexibility and scalability
  • SSL secured WAN Access & splitted authentication system
  • User access management to IT resources in Data Center or Cloud
  • Inverse costs scaling: the more users, the more the platform cost decreases

Learn more about UDS Enterprise on their website.

We have carefully tested UDS deployment in an XCP-ng environment and UDS Enterprise is the first solution to join the XCP-ng ecosystem with an official Seal of Approval.

# Storage

In order to build the best platform with multiple storage options, we are also working with companies being expert in storage solutions.


LINBIT is a software clustering company specialized in data replication – including persistent block storage. The heart of LINBIT’s open-source technology is DRBD®. DRBD allows block storage between servers to be replicated asynchronously or synchronously without sacrificing performance or reliability. LINBIT has led the way in High Availability since 2001 and developed the solution LINSTOR.

With this alliance, we are aiming to offer DRBD support inside the XCP-ng hypervisor and provide a way to access the solution developed by LI, including:

  • LINBIT Software Define Storage (SDS)
  • LINBIT High Availability
  • LINBIT Disaster Recovery

Making XCP-ng compatible with LINBIT's solutions will allow us to provide new solutions for users that are looking for performance and reliability with DRBD in their infrastructure.

There is still a lot of work to do in order to package DRBD in the XCP-ng kernel, make LINBIT's solutions compatible with XCP-ng, and finally provide an easy way to stay up-to-date.

We will work on all these goals in collaboration with LINBIT's teams this year and you will be informed through a series of blogposts regarding our progress.

The ecosystem around XCP-ng is getting bigger and bigger and we are really proud to associate our effort to provide the best Open Source virtualization platform with another leading Open Source project like LINBIT.

# VM backup

The main backup solution is Xen Orchestra, see the dedicated backup section. Alternatively, here is some 3rd party backup solutions that are officially compatible with XCP-ng.

# Storware vProtect

It's agentless but closed source. However, it supports a large variety of virtualization platforms, including XCP-ng!

# VinChin backup

Another solution, which isn't agentless (you need to deploy some code in each host). XCP-ng is supported.

# Join the XCP-ng ecosystem

Do you have a solution or product and you want to join the XCP-ng ecosystem? Contact us!