XCP-ng is using XAPI as main API. This API is used by all clients. For more details go to XAPI website.


If you want to build an application on top of XCP-ng, we strongly suggest to use Xen Orchestra API instead of XCP-ng API. Indeed, XO provides an abstraction layer that's really easier to use, and also acts as a central point for your whole infrastructure.

# Architecture

# General design

# Objects

# Pool design

# Modifications


Those changes aren't officially supported, and will be also wiped after an ISO upgrade

# 24h task timeout

Edit the /etc/xapi.conf file, and uncomment/change that line:

# pending_task_timeout = 86400 # 1 day in seconds


pending_task_timeout = 172800


In this example, 172800 seconds means two days.

Also don't forget to restart the toolstack after that with a xe-toolstack-restart.