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  • @borzel .
    Is just I can't have contact with Olivier. Mail doesn't work. And I would like service from Vates company. I'm sorry to use this way but I tried by all that I can for one month. Sorry for disturbing this post.

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    I've forked the topic, since there was no reason to have this discussion on the original topic.

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    I'll answer via private chat on the forum 🙂

  • XCP-ng Center Team

    @Robert-COLIN If you using a self build mail setup, check it first:
    550 - 550-Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable
    550 invalid DNS MX or A/AAAA resource record

    Sounds like your mail server is not correctly resolving the vates DNS/MX entry. Did you check that on the mailserver?

  • To

    Seems your DNS MX records are CNAMEs (aliases). They should not.

    $ host -t mx mail is handled by 50 mail is handled by 10
    $ host is an alias for has address
    $ host is an alias for has address
    $ host -a
    [...]         600     IN      CNAME
    $ host -a
    [...]         600     IN      CNAME

    This can be the reason that some mail servers don't deliver mail to you.

    See RFC 2181:

    "The domain name used as the value of a NS resource record, or part of
    the value of a MX resource record must not be an alias. Not only is
    the specification clear on this point, but using an alias in either
    of these positions neither works as well as might be hoped, nor well
    fulfills the ambition that may have led to this approach. This
    domain name must have as its value one or more address records.
    Currently those will be A records, however in the future other record
    types giving addressing information may be acceptable. It can also
    have other RRs, but never a CNAME RR.

    Searching for either NS or MX records causes "additional section
    processing" in which address records associated with the value of the
    record sought are appended to the answer. This helps avoid needless
    extra queries that are easily anticipated when the first was made.

    Additional section processing does not include CNAME records, let
    alone the address records that may be associated with the canonical
    name derived from the alias. Thus, if an alias is used as the value
    of an NS or MX record, no address will be returned with the NS or MX
    value. This can cause extra queries, and extra network burden, on
    every query. It is trivial for the DNS administrator to avoid this
    by resolving the alias and placing the canonical name directly in the
    affected record just once when it is updated or installed. In some
    particular hard cases the lack of the additional section address
    records in the results of a NS lookup can cause the request to fail."

  • XO Team

    Thank you for your help, we have removed smtp2 which did not exist and changed smtp1 to be an A record instead of CNAME 🙂

  • XCP-ng Center Team

    @MajorTom cool 🙂

  • You're welcome!
    I'm happy I could help a little. I'm grateful for XCP-ng! 🙂

  • @MajorTom Thank you now I can send mail to Vates. Thanks julien-f too.

  • @Robert-COLIN That's great! Good luck :-).

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