XO from the sources - Something in the pages is missing

  • I'm sure you know, Olivier, but master is now 5.41 and there are some info about a change on admin detection in the new code that seem like the culprit. Is there a way to verify if XOA 5.41 maybe does the same?

  • https://xen-orchestra.com/docs/from_the_sources.html

    install success !

    the 3rd party install script have some issues

  • Admin

    Okay so this is something I'm usually talking about (to be clear, it's not your fault, I just made a recap):

    1. the official way to install XO is in our official doc, you'll have community support from here
    2. if you have an issue with a 3rd party script, report to the 3rd party script (you did it 👍 )
    3. XOA is considered as the QA/verified way

    Just to check: did you know that you were installing from a 3rd party script or it was confusing? Did you find the official doc before?

    I'd like to improve the "path" for new comers and be sure they are using the software in a way that's not giving a bad impression 🙂 So if you didn't find the official way first, there is something we could do on our side (maybe updating the doc to be clear about 3rd party scripts?)

  • yes a have know i have instaled from 3rd party ( more fast deploy )
    the "path" is ok , no problems finding

    10q for the support

  • Admin

    Thanks for your feedback 🙂 We are also working on improving doc to get it more straightforward!

  • @dcstancu FWIW, I just ran the update script and everything is still functioning fine for my XO install. Granted... I'm using a newer version of Ubuntu than you.

    Looking forward to your further input on the GH issue you opened earlier today.

  • Olivier, did your team do something? Even the other script now works and yet Github doesn't report any activity...

  • Admin

    I'm not aware of anything special on our side, I even didn't notify the dev team about this issue before knowing more on it (to avoid them switching to an issue that's not linked to XO code directly but the environment).

  • XO Team

    Hi! We introduced a bug in commit 59e6868 causing "Page not found"s and fixed it in commit 6e52794.

  • @pdonias Thanks for confirming that this issue wasn't caused by the use of a 3rd party script.

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