"Cannot GET /" Error after update

  • Hi,

    I am wondering if there is anything I can do to fix this issue. After latest update I am having some sort of permission issue.
    My login screen looks like this:
    Annotation 2019-06-07 093316.jpg
    (no no graphics or theme) and once i login i just get a "Cannot GET /" in my browser.

    I would appreciate any guidance.


  • More details please. I'm assuming that you are building from source. What method did you use to update your XO VM? What OS? Node version?

  • FWIW, I just tried updating and did run into an issue. However, I suspect yours is caused by an incorrect Node version.

    If node -v returns something other than 8.16.0, then you should try switching to that version with the command n 8.16

    In my case, I get a spinning cursor after logging in. Checked the logs and found the following --

    Jun 07 20:26:58 ubuntutest xo-server[3780]: 2019-06-07T20:26:58.702Z - xo:api - [WARN] dan@mydomain.com | xo.getAllObjects(...) [4ms] =!> XoError: invalid parameters

  • @Danp Thanks you for your reply
    I am sorry for not providing more info.
    My node version is indeed 8.16.0
    I am on debian stretch (9)
    I did update by building from source, essentially is this:

    cd /opt/xen-orchestra/
    sudo git pull --ff-only
    sudo yarn
    sudo yarn build

    I would appreciate any insight...

  • Did you happen to take a snapshot before performing the update? If so, restoring from that is probably your safest bet.

  • Yeah I was hoping to avoid that, but just may have to do that. I have daily snapshots but they are taken and managed my the XOA, so gonna have to import it manually since i dont have access to the web interface.
    I know that i had similar issue a while back when i built it fro sources for the first time and the issue was slightly misformated config.yaml file. But that file is only there when you build for the first time, so I am not sure what can cause this now...

  • Did you remember to restart xo-server after the build had finished?

    If you're compiling the new version in the same directory as the old one it's good practice to save a copy of the old one first, before doing the git pull.

  • XCP-ng Center Team

    @peder @Pechkin000 and stop xo-server before git/building.. with that I never had issues

  • Stopping xo-server before compiling shouldn't be necessary unless someone tries to use XO while it's building.

    That said, I would recommend building the source under /usr/src or ~/src or something and then moving the files ( mv * ) to something like /opt/xen-orchestra-DATE (or git revision)

    Then use "stow" to create symlinks in /usr/local, like this
      stow -d   /opt/   -t   /usr/local   xen-orchestra-DATE

    The stow command is in the CentOS repository or can be downloaded and compiled separately from any GNU mirror.

    Make sure the /etc/xo-server/ config points to the relevant symlinks in /usr/local and restart xo-server

    This way you can keep a number of different XO versions available in /opt and if there's a problem with any one of them you simply run
      stow -D  -d  /opt  -t    /usr/local    xen-orchestra-BADVERSION
    to delete the symlinks to the bad version and
       stow -d   /opt   -t  /usr/local   xen-orchestra-GOODVERSION
    to create links to the old, good one and then restart xo-server

    When it's time to update the XO build go to the, now seemingly empty, source folder and run
      git reset HEAD --hard
    to repopulate the working directory and then
      git pull && yarn && yarn build

  • XCP-ng Center Team

    @peder interessting way to do it, cool 🙂

  • In case someone ran into the same problem here is how I solved it.
    I had a feeling this was http mounts issue. I checked and looks like during update process the .xo-server.toml got deleted. I copied the sample one from the /opt/xen-orchestra/packages/xo-server/sample.config.toml , edited the http.mount and bob's your uncle.

    I have a feeling this has something to do with the format of that file change. When I originally built from source the file has a slightly different syntax and it was called .xo-server.yaml. At least according tot he directions I used to build. In any case its all back to normal now.
    Thanks you everyone for your help.

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