Enhancement: Schedule view for backups

  • I'd like to see a timeline, list or gantt view of scheduled backups to make it easier to see and plan. For example estimated concurrences etc.

    At the moment it is possible only to put a description on the individual backup jobs.

  • XCP-ng Team

    Ping @pdonias (idea for new XO 6 UI)

    @S-Pam do you have any example of a backup software doing that?

  • XCP-ng Team

    Also ping @Mohamedox

  • I have a background with production planning in the automotive industry. Here we use different planning tools for managing production. Recurrent jobs, such as maintenance is highly visible when looking at the daily or weekly schedules or Gantt charts.

    Just as in production, when you have more items to plan, the more important it is to have good visibility over your resources to avoid bottle necks or under utilization. I feel the same is pretty valid in computing.

    One cool thing would be that the schedule would be populated with actual time each backup took. This way we could easily spot any changes that needs attending before they become problems.

  • XO Team

    Hi @S-Pam, thanks for the suggestion! Are you talking about having such a Gantt chart when you're creating a new scheduled job or once the jobs have run to see what happened? I can see one limitation with the "preview" one: we'd need to know in advance how much time each run will take and that's not something we're able to guess.

  • I'd like to see both forward and historical schedule.

    As for guessing time, that is less important. It might be possible to to an average of previous runs for the same job, else just a default value of 30 minutes or so.

  • XCP-ng Team

    I think we could have:

    • real duration for past jobs
    • just a "dot" or vertical bar for the start of next jobs (so you'll know when they'll start, but we can't predict the duration)
    • ideally, in live, the current updated Gantt of live backup tasks

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