XO CR: Vlan does not follow for all Vif

  • HI !

    I just see a problem with the CR between two servers XCP-Ng 8.0.

    I do CR ( xith XO 5.50.1) for several VMs, but the CR for Vms with more than one network interface hasn't got the good Vif on all Vif.

    For me, the most important with the vif during DR/CR, is the name of the vif no? If the Vif name on a VM is the same than an other XCP-Ng server, the DR/CR Vm take the good Vif.

    On XCP-Ng 8 it seems to be the number of the NIC !?

    On my old xenserver 7.1, all the NIC/Vif are exactly the same.... It may have already been in relation to the NIC number, and that does not help me 😌

    On the CR server I don't have the same number of NIC, and I create Vif VLAN with a network interface trunked on a cisco....

  • XCP-ng Team

    It seems you are mixing a lot of stuff. I suppose you meant "good VIF on all network". Are you talking about matching between VIF and networks on destination, right?

  • Yes, for exemple on a "prod" server I have a VM like this:

    PROD SERVER ( with 3 network interfaces)
    NIC1: cabled on cisco switch port with VLAN1 and Network name associated ont this NIC: VLAN1
    NIC2: cabled on cisco switch port with VLAN2 and Network name associated ont this NIC: VLAN2
    NIC3: cabled on cisco swtch port with VLAN3 and Network name associated ont this NIC: VLAN3

    network1 : VLAN1
    network2 : VLAN2
    network3 : VLAN3

    and on the CR SERVER:

    CR SERVER ( with 2 network interfaces)
    NIC1: cabled on cisco switch port with VLAN1 and Network name associated ont this NIC: VLAN1
    NIC2: cabled on cisco switch port with TRUNK and 2 Networks name associated on the NIC: VLAN2 (tagged vlan2) and VLAN3 (tagged vlan3)

    The CR of VM1 on the CR SERVER becomes:

    network1: VLAN1 (good)
    network2: VLAN1 (bad)
    network3: VLAN1 (bad)

    The VLAN1 associated as the fist network have the same name on the same number of NIC and it's OK
    For the rest, the name of the network is the same, but not on the same NIC number, ans it seems to be the problem ?

    I was sure that the important thing was the name of the network, but in fact it is rather the NIC number I think

  • XCP-ng Team

    I have no idea. Maybe @pdonias can take a look when he can. Obviously, creating a support ticket might be more efficient 🙂

  • XCP-ng Team

    Are you sure you are using VLAN id 1? I usually avoid it and use 2-4095 since some of the switch treat it as default VLAN.

  • Sorry it's just an example 😉 effectively it's not possible to tagg VLAN1, bad example, on my real servers I have a VLAN 1 but not trunked 🙂

  • XO Team

    @julien-f, correct me if I'm wrong but currently, we don't try to map the VM's VIFs with specific PIFs of the destination host. We use the default behaviour of a normal XAPI VM import.

  • In any case, on the CR Vm they are the good numbers of Vif, and if there is a match between NIC and VIF between Prod server and CR server, the CR VM seem to have the right ones

  • @moradin
    i am not sure exactly what you are saying in your last post and would very much appreciate it if you could expound on it with the simplicity of your previous posts 🙂 Also, have you found 8.1 to be better at matching up VIFs when moved to a completely different host? I believed the vLan ID number would be the primary method of mapping, but apparently it is not.

    @pdonias @julien-f What is the default behavior or a normal XAPI VM import when it comes to VIF mapping? Could you point to documentation, please? We are getting hung up on this.

  • Hi,

    I have already the same problems, see pictures of a VM with some VIFs with differents VLAN, on a xcp-ng 8.0 hosts with separated NICS:

    alt text

    And now a picture of the CR of this VM on another XCP-Ng host who just have 2 NIC with a vlan 110 and the second NIC is a trunk with several external VLAN added, same as the first xcp-ng host.

    alt text

    The CR doesn't take automatiquly the good VLAN but they exist via the TRUNK NIC

    For me the solution is to have identicals NIC ont the both servers. But with the same name of VLAN, the CR could have the good VLAN no ? 🙂

    More simple to manage

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