Moving VMs from one Pool to another

  • Hi,

    I recently setup a new Pool with XCP-NG8 and a connected iSCSI Storage. When moving VMs from my old Pool (XCP-NG 7.6) to the new one some (most) VDIs seem to double.
    On the new Storage I have one VDI connected to the VM, displayed in green and another one of the same size that is not connected to a VM and displayed in yellow or orange.


    From XO I can not delete the orange copy, but I get a "no such VDI" Error

    From Command Line I can forget and then delete it, but that will also destroy the linked VDI (green one 🙂 ) as it's missing a "parent VDI" from now.

    Do you know why this happens and how I can get rid of the VDIs that are not connected? And also is there a way to still use the VDIs that are Missing a parent now?

    Best regards

  • XCP-ng Team

    You can't remove them. They'll be garbage collected automatically, or check for orphan disks in your "Disks" tab of this view.

  • Hi Olivier,

    thank you for answering.
    When should this Garbage Collection occur?Does it take a couple of days? When I check for "orphaned Disks" in the Disks Section it gives me only two of those VDIs

  • XCP-ng Team

    You can remove orphaned VDIs yourself 🙂 Then rescan the SR and wait a bit (20 min in general should be enough)

  • That's pretty much what I tried in first place. I can "forget" the VDI, rescan and then delete destroy it. Problem is, it also kills the VDI I still need.
    In the Disk tab it looks like this for example
    UUID of the first (attached) one: a91d9216-39ee-4c1b-a66d-df5a88f35185
    UUID of the second one: f111463f-7449-4d60-bf12-2634b5ce2b00

    with vhd-util I can see, the second is a parent to the first, also is the second one "read only"


  • Next thing I tried was Exporting the affected VM, delete it and import it again. This fails because after deleting the VM both VDIs / VHDs are still there. Also I can not delete them. The error says:


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