XO console keyboard on iOS and iPadOS - no input possible

  • Not sure if this is an iOS and iPadOS limitation, but It's not possible to pull up the on screen keyboard to type in the console. I never needed it, till this morning, so never noticed this.

    Also, as this did not work, I tried a RDP connection using Microsoft Remote Desktop app, to a windows machine with XCP-ng center. That console only likes the ENTER button (from the RDP app onscreen keyboard). All other keys did not work, so it was impossible to type "fsck -y /dev/xvda" on a VM that needed it's disk checking at boot.

  • XCP-ng Team

    It's not implemented in XO (yet). I think there's already an issue opened in XO bug tracker, but due to the lack of popular demand, it's not high in the prio list.

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