Unable to mount NFS share in XOA

  • I am currently running a fresh Xen orchestra install and created an Ubuntu 18.04 NFS server. I can mount the share on the XOA vm via the command line and make files and folders but when I attempt to connect via the web console, I am told that I do not have access. In the /run/xo-server/mounts folder, I can see each of the 3 attempts I made via the web console. It creates the folder with my username but root permissions is the one that was mounted via the command line with SUDO. Now I can browse each of those folders and see the test folder I created but if I attempt to make a file or folder without root permissions, it fails.

    Does anyone know what the correct permissions the /run/xo-server/mounts folders need to have?




  • XCP-ng Team

    Depends on the user your are running XO.

  • I was able to resolve the issue. It was a permissions issue on the NFS server. It was running on an Ubuntu 18.04 server and running the command chown -R nobody:nogroup.

  • @olivierlambert could this error be more verbose?

    I think this error should say:

    • Cannot write file .keeper_uygbivt5lv on remote <whatever the remote name/address>

    NFS is mounted but XOA cannot write to mounted dir.
    This happens in NFSv4 as default when sec=sys on NFS server (that is the default).

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