XCP-ng and Linbit alliance

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    LINBIT and XCP-ng are partnering to bring DRBD compatibility to XCP-ng in 2020.

    Learn more on our dedicated blogpost

  • @Marc-pezin

    This is fantastic news! Thanks for sharing it. Olivier mentioned that something might be in the works but didn't mention much more than that.

    I've used DRBD on various projects in the past and been nothing but impressed by it. It would be interesting to see if you could reach out to the folks behind HA-Lizard as well; they've got a lot of experience with DRBD on Xen systems.

  • Does this basically mean there could be effectively a new version of XOSAN which can leverage local storage across a cluster?

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    @markhewitt1978 We are currently working on a new version of XOSAN but that won't be based on DRBD.

    It will likely be something completely new! 🙂

  • @Marc-pezin said in XCP-ng and Linbit alliance:

    @markhewitt1978 We are currently working on a new version of XOSAN but that won't be based on DRBD.

    It will likely be something completely new! 🙂

    Ah interesting, both good developments.

  • Hi sorry to revive this a bit.
    First, I want to say that this is good news, and your team keep doing clever moves in positioning and alliances.
    Second, what about HA-Lizard? They have been working on that angle too, and for a while now. I've been considering them a lot but never jumped.
    Will there be synergy between you guys or will we have to make a choice as end-users?
    Thx for any insight.

  • XCP-ng Team


    Since Linbit co-founder (Philip) is also DRBD original creator, we had a chat about HA Lizard. And his opinion on it wasn't really great, so we'll probably continue to work on Linstor and see how it goes 🙂

  • HA-Lizards a little rough around the edges, but it gets the job done at the end of the day. But it will be nice to have those features just built in.

  • We have been running drbd on xenserver for years now, I have to say it outperforms HAlizard by far.
    We have xcp-ng now running only in testing and are waiting for a Linstore integration to test it and hopefully take it in production aswel.

    After reading that XCP-ng was integrating Linstore I had a talk with Philip Reisner about if it would be good for our setup.
    To me it looks like a perfect setup, all the advantages of local storage but still be able to live migrate.
    Replication policy's on vm disk instead to the whole server disk, in that way it gets a lot closer to the Iscsi lun setup.
    Being able to have more then 2 servers in a group will be very nice aswel.

    So yea I am really looking forward to this.

  • XCP-ng Team

    Hi @hhegeman !

    Thanks for coming here 🙂 Our initial version will probably have replication level per SR (easier to configure than per disk, because XAPI/SMAPI isn't really made to have a configuration per VDI in an easy way).

    Disaggregated hyperconvergence is really hard to implement, because clearly storage API weren't build with that in mind.

    However, our private beta is almost ready (means: you'll register, then we'll schedule a remote intervention to install/configure it for you). We still have to figure:

    • how to make XCP-ng HA working with it (HA in XAPI works with a shared files between all hosts, accessible in R/W, which isn't possible with LINSTOR). So no XCP-ng HA for the beta.
    • manage pool master change (and LINSTOR master change with it)
    • build a decent UI directly in XO

    It's not trivial to integrate a new "middleware" directly in XCP-ng, it wasn't made for that, but we are close to get something usable 🙂

  • Hi @olivierlambert,

    Thank you for the reply.
    The whole hyper converged storage sounds really cool, and like most things that sound really cool I can imagine its a real mind breaker to figure it out.

    It sound like you have a few interesting things to figure out.

    The whole beta part sounds really nice, how does someone register for that ?
    Really cool to read your nearly having something usable.

    I think I will have to have a look at XO aswel then, as your making the UI in XO, we never really had the time to play with it.

  • XCP-ng Team

    We'll open registrations for it this summer 🙂 Stay tuned!

  • @olivierlambert said in XCP-ng and Linbit alliance:


    Ä°f I would like to use Linbit Vsan for vmware on xcp-ng with 3 hosts

    if i would make design with 3 node xcp-ng and all 3 nodes have 3 ssd + 3 spin drive, local disk so linbit vsan 3 node clusters (ova) deployed to xcp-ng 3 nodes per linbit vsan vm so How could it be possible to Passthrough all local disk to per linbit vsan vm and make it all in big storage pool and make iscsi shared storage for xcp-ng HA,


  • @hhegeman said in XCP-ng and Linbit alliance:

    So yea I am really looking forward to this.

    We are using HA-Lizard / DRBD since four years with Xenserver. This setup works great for our need.

    However, something well integrated into XCP-NG for our upcoming cluster(s) would be really interesting for us too.

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